Monetary Donations

Your financial gifts will go a long way in helping us to maintain our ministry and facilities.

We will be grateful for whatever you can give.

Here is how you can give financially:

Direct Deposit / Bank Transfer:  Direct donations to Scotiabank, Warrens:  Account # 40274

Online Bill Payment at SurePay  (Walk in to a kiosk or use your online account)

To give anonymously, make payments to the Moravian Church.
Account No:  1765-1768-0000
Name:   Sharon Moravian Church.  

If you need your donations recorded for tax purposes and you have a box of envelopes; make payments to the Moravian Church.
Account No:   1765-1768-0-(your 3-digit envelope number)
Name:   Your Name

(If you do not have a box of offering envelopes and desire your donations to be recorded, we can provide you with a number. Email or call)

Cash:  Labelled envelopes can be dropped into the slot in the front door of the Manse.