Ways to Give

Christian living unavoidably means the giving of self in the service of God and others. That "self" includes time, skill and what we possess (time, talent and treasure). The Christian therefore asks, how can I use what I have in the service of God.

Here are some areas of current and future service at Sharon. When we would have come through this COVID-19 Pandemic we would rejoice to have you play a part in the life and ministry of Sharon.  

Outreach Visitation Volunteer – Visit homes in neighbouring communities to distribute brochures and tracks and share the gospel.
Missing Members Volunteer - Make phone calls from the Church Office and send cards to members who have missed worship. 1 hour a week in the evening. 
Visitor of Elderly (Word of Hope Ministry) - Visit and encourage an elderly or shut-in adult.  1-2 hours per visit. 

Meal Provider – Prepare a meal monthly for a needy individual or family. 
Delivery Volunteer – Deliver meals and / or food items to the needy. 2 hours per week. 
Errand Runner - Make a run to the supermarket or pharmacy for an elderly person or individual or family facing an emergency. 2-3 hours per errand. 
Home and/or Yard Maintenance Helper - Provide practical help in the house or yard for an elderly person. 3-4 hours per event. 
Worship Leader – Lead worship. 1 service per month (required training provided). 
Bible Reader – Read the Bible Lesson during worship as scheduled. 
Chorus Leader – Lead in the singing on choruses for worship.
Audio Technician - Help with sound system during worship. 1 and 1/2 hours per service (required training provided).
Audio Editor – Edit and reproduce audio CD recordings of worship services. 2-3 hours per month. 
Worship Slide Presentation Team Member - Run slide presentation during worship services. 1 and 1/2 hours per service (required training provided).
Visual Designer  - Create visual displays of artwork, for example. 2-3 hours a month. 
Youth Choir Accompanist - Accompany children's choir.  1 hour rehearsal per week, 1.5 hours per service. 
Youth Choir Helper - Help with administration and supervision.  1 hour rehearsal per week, 1.5 hours service. 
Adult Choir - Facilitate the worship experience through song at Sunday morning services and special occasions.  1.5 hours rehearsal per week, 1.5 hour service.
Instrumentalist - Play instrument for worship services. 2 hours per week. 
Usher - Assist those attending worship. 1.5 hour, 1 Sunday a month.
Parking Attendant - Assist worshippers in finding parking spaces. 1 Sunday per month.  
Follow-up Volunteer - Call to thank first-time guests for attending worship and answer questions. Follow-up over a 3 month period. 1 hour in the evening, Sunday or Monday.
Sunday School Teacher - Teach Sunday School.  1.5 hours a week (required training provided). 
Sunday School Student Assistant - Assist with Sunday School (must be 12 years or older). 1 hour per week.
Youth Advisor - Provide guidance and support for youth groups and ministries.  1.5 hours per week. 
Vacation Bible School Teacher - Teach VBS.  4 hours a day, 5 days in the month of July (required training provided). 
Vacation Bible School Student Assistant - Assist with VBS classroom (must be 12 years or older).  4 hours a day, 5 days in the month of July (required training provided).
Vacation Bible School Volunteer - Help with preschool Vacation Bible School. 4 hours a day, 5 days in the month of July 
Hospitality Volunteer - Prepare refreshments as needed for receptions. 2- 3  hours per occasion, Friendship Sunday, Old Year’s Night etc.   
Outdoor Worship Coordinator - Coordinate an outdoor worship service annually.  2-3 hours planning and 4-5 hours the day of the event. 
Seniors Picnic Volunteer - Help with the seniors’ picnic. 2-3 hours planning and 4-5 hours the day of the event. 
Layout Artist - Layout the Inspire Newsletter. 5 hours every 3 months. 
Photographer - Photograph events.  1-2 hours a month, as needed.
Website & Social Pages Content Coordinator - Maintain page(s) with up-to-date content. 4-5 hours a month.
Bulletin Board Designer - Decorate and update the bulletin boards. 2-3 hours a month. 
General Church Cleaning Volunteer - Provide cleaning skills and prepare sanctuary for worship on Sundays. 2-4  hours per month.
Flower Donor – Provide flowers etc. for decorating the sanctuary for worship.
Flower Arranger – Prepare floral arrangements for the sanctuary. 2 hours every other month. 
Carpenter - Provide carpentry skills for general maintenance.  1-2 hours a month. 
Electrician - Provide electrical skills general maintenance.  1-2 hours a month.  
Painter - Provide painting skills for general maintenance.  1-2 hours a month.  
Plumber - Provide plumbing skills for general maintenance.  As need arises.  
Landscape Volunteer – Plant and care for flower beds and other plants and shrubs on the church grounds. 2 hours a month.
Bus Driver – Drive the bus for service pick-ups or drop-offs and for special occasions. 2 – 4 hours per month.  
Bus Cleaner – Wash and clean bus. 2 hours a month.

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